We are happy to announce our new version of Blazedesk with a lot of new features and improvements. Some of the new features include:

Archive (Archive projects, estimations and invoices easily)
Project links to external or internal content
Calendar (You can also connect this function with for example google calendar by API)
Theme Customization – Make your Blazedesk environment look en feel custom for your company
TAX rates, Integrate several Tax rates easily and use them per item in your estimations or invoices
Messages – Included a Inbox, Sent, Favorites and trash folder
E-mail Template customization, Easily change emails before sending to the client
Also added several new languages including: Greek, Turkish, Czech, Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Slovenian and Romanian.
If you would like to test the new blazedesk version please try it at:

Our members and clients can also let us implement the new version by replying on this e-mail.

If you have any questions, we are also happy to provide you with a personal demo you can schedule one by using the following link:
Request a Demo of the new version

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping Blazedesk grow.

The Blazedesk Team

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