Wat are the additional Features with having tidio in your Blazedesk environment

tidio tidio We are bringing Tidio to Blazedesk f1

You can see who visits your website!
Get a complete list of all the users that are currently visiting your website and check which subpages they find the most interesting. You can also see how long they visit each site. Tidio Chat allows you to communicate with your visitor’s in real time!


tidio tidio We are bringing Tidio to Blazedesk f2Multilingual Support

Is your site multilingual? This is not a problem for Tidio Chat implementation! The chat service is accessible in over 140 languages – so it is easy to add to your site anytime you wish! Tidio Chat is also designed to find out which language your user is interacting with and changes the interface presentation to that particular language!

Chat tidio We are bringing Tidio to Blazedesk f3Customizable Interface

We understand the importance of personalization and why it is a high priority for your business! The application allows you to personalize each and every element of its interface to fit the needs of your business!


f4 tidio We are bringing Tidio to Blazedesk f4Be a step ahead of your users!
When using Tidio Chat, you can watch a live preview of what your user is typing, so you can understand your customer needs better


f5 tidio We are bringing Tidio to Blazedesk f5Automatic messages

Did you know, that by sending chat messages like “Hello, how can I help you?” you may have a 4x times greater chance to start a sales conversation? This is why we have created a special feature in Tidio Chat, which allows you to send automatic replies to all of your users! In addition, when your user will send you a message, you will get all the necessary notifications after specified time!


f6 tidio We are bringing Tidio to Blazedesk f6Mobile ready

The Chat functionality is 100% suitable for any mobile device! Your user can enjoy all of the features of the chat without experiencing any problems on your web site!


f7 tidio We are bringing Tidio to Blazedesk f7Offline messages
Recieve messages while you are offline via our special plugin written for Google Chrome. The moment a user starts to write a message, you will be sent a notification. By clicking on this notification, you will be redirected to a control panel where you can immediately respond to your client.


f8 tidio We are bringing Tidio to Blazedesk f8No operator’s limits!
No matter how many operators you have working for you! The monthly subscription gives you similar to Blazedesk unlimited access to all the features of Tidio Chat! You will be able to enjoy all the benefits with just one membership fee!


Take a look at the Tidio website for more information

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