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Empowering people to do Business

We empower people to do business, by delivering flexible, reliable and affordable business software we create value for our clients each day. We created one of the most advanced business management solutions with modules like CRM, Project management, finance HRM and support. Together we create the perfect fit for your organisation and help your comnpany reach its full potential.


Blazedesk is designed to be used by any scale of business, if your working as a freelancer or as an enterprise Blazedesk scales with your organisation.


Blazedesk is available wherever you are in the world. Safety is ofcourse one of our top prioirities, all of your system data is being stored redundant in different data centres and we have an average uptime of 99,9% also we never share information with third parties, without your permission.


We offer the best value for money software in the world! Each module of blazedesk can be purchased seperated, in this way you can arrange your business easily and save unnecessary costs.

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The power of Simplicity

We made managing your workflow simple and user friendly, All of our solutions are integrated with each other. For example you can invoice your projects with one simple mouse click.


All the tools your account manager needs to make the most of your sales activities. So we can help your business grow.

Project Management

With a tight online project planning our integrated project software helps to deliver profitable projects.


Manage your money flows from the invoicing module. This gives overview and clarity.

Customer Support

You can also distinguise your company with excellent customer service with our integrated support software.

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Manage Your Company with This All-in-One Application Blazedesk is an all-in-one suite of tools that let you manage CRM, control invoicing, enable employee communication and collaboration, and provide advanced support services to your clients.
"the No. 1 position in customer support is easily Blazedesk it is an all in one solution for entrepreneurs with CRM, Project management, Invoicing and customer support in one solution."
Boston Commons Top 10 customer support of 2016
"Blazedesk is a user interface managing all your project management needs, invoicing and CRM with more than enough online traffic availability. This system is extremely user friendly with a 24 hour helpline, at a fraction of the cost of all major competitors. "
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